Hydraulic tanks

  • Space-saving
  • Many different sizes
  • High-quality steel
  • Design

Custom made hydraulic tanks for various models with different volumes, sizes, and shapes. We manufacture innovative high-quality steel (2 mm/3 mm/4 mm) tanks for popular truck brands that have been tested with pressurizing. Hydraulic tanks are finished and coated with industrial 2-component colours (epoxy primer and polyurethane surface paint). It is possible to choose between different socket outlets (bottom/top/side of the tank). This is a solution we have developed that gives the customer the opportunity to change the drawing according to their needs. Our hydraulic tank solutions are ideal for customers that need to save space. In particular, if additional space can’t be created at the expense of the fuel tank (trucks with 6×2 bridge configuration).

It is also always possible to order standard hydraulic tanks from well-known manufacturers from us (either for the side or for behind the cabin).

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